Did you know that one 1 in 4 adults experienced Child Maltreatment? If Val de Vie is home to 3000, 750 of our friends and family experienced child maltreatment as a child. If you are not affected, you will be effected by child maltreatment.

I had the privilege of meeting Aziza at the

EDGARS UNiTE ORANGE DAY Cape Town launch in 2017. We discovered that she was involved with the Saartjie Baartman Centre for Women & Children, an organization I supported when I was a student in my first degree. How small is the world? She invited me to an event at Peace Home, a home Aziza started for children she rescued from child maltreatment. I decided then that I would support Aziza however possible.

Aziza is a credit to humanity. She worked part-time to fund her studies. She holds an international qualification in child care. In 1998 she traveled to the UK where she furthered her studies in psychology and training in maternity nursing. She walked away from her career in the UK to rescue children from child maltreatment and to seek justice for them. She is homeschooling the children as well because of bullying they experience at school. Peace Home is a home filled with love. It is a haven where children experience peace and healing. At Peace Home, they not only survive but thrive. Is that not the best revenge? To not just survive, but thrive? To look back at those who harmed us and ask: "Is that the best you could do? See, I am still standing."